1st Division
Southern Re-enactors

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Welcome to the 1st Division
 Southern Re-enactor’s Association
There is a place for you in 1st Division
1st Division is an authentically minded Re-enacting organization dedicated to accurately portraying the typical soldier and military organization during the period known as the War between the States from 1861-1865. We participate in Battle Re-enactments, Parades, Ceremonies, and Living Histories all around the South.  
Members come from many different states throughout the South and
bring with them an enthusiasm about the hobby as well as a desire to teach others about this critically important period in our history. No matter where you live, there is probably a member of 1st Division close by. There is a place for you in 1st Division.
1st Division is comprised of the following branches: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Teamsters, and Medical corps. The Branch Commanders and  Organizations may be accessed on this page for further information and contacts. Every Branch Commander would love to contact you and share with you how you can become a part of us. There is a place for you in 1st Division.
Please feel free to browse around our web site or Facebook page and learn more about us. We are both family friendly and faith friendly. Learn about our Core Values and our Mission as Re-enactors and begin to create with us a lifetime of shared memories and friendships in Re-enacting the War between the States. There is a place for you in 1st Division.


Details For The
1ST Division/Southern Re-enactors Association:
The Annual Membership Meeting will be held

at The Old Warrenton County Courthouse in
Vicksburg, MS.
January 12, 2019 at 9:00 AM
All 1st. Division Members and Other Organizations are Invited
and Welcomed to Attend.
Lunch And Snacks Will Be Provided.

Membership Dues for 2019 are $10
per person. This does include Re-enactor Insurance.

They are to be mailed to:
1st Division 
​Care of Earl Stocks
717 Allen Pass
Madison, TN. 37115

Rosters must have the following information:
​Commander, Unit, Rank or Civilian, Name, Address,
Telephone number, E-mail and age if under 16.

​For additional information:

Contact Earl Stocks at
[email protected] or
click the Insurance
Information link at the top of
the page.
Also email: ​[email protected]