1st Division
Southern Re-enactors

Heading 1

1st Division Artillery

Col. Robert Beams
[email protected]

Lt Col. Archie Milligan
Chief of Staff

Major Tim White

Col. Robert  Krantz
1st Artillery Brigade

Col.Wes Thorne
2nd Artillery Brigade

Welcome from Col. Beams

The 1st Division artillery is made up of some of the finest artillery groups in the country. Our artillery  batteries are located from all over the south; we are committed to the spirit of cooperation among our members and other artillery groups.
We are committed and strive to be the safest and most authentic civil war re-enacting group anywhere; our batterys participated in all the major 150th anniversary battles along with hundreds of local and living history events from all over the country, our safety record is superb with our emphasis on training with good drills, procedures and awareness.
If your group is interested in becoming a member of the 1st division artillery and would like more information, please contact one of the following.
Col. Robert E. Beams at [email protected]
Major Tim White at [email protected]
Thank you for your time and interest in the 1st division


Col. Doug Isbell
[email protected]

You can find a copy of Hardee's Infantry Tatics on the forms page

Col. Doug Isbell

Col. Ron Griffin
1st Battalion


Col. Chuck Tarwater
[email protected]

Join the cavalry!!
If you have a horse and want to have a great time! Join the cavalry.!
If you don't have a horse, we have dismounted troops! Come join the cavalry!

Col. Chuck Tarwater

Lt.Col. David Wilson

You can find a copy of Cookes Cavalry Tatics on the forms page

Lt Col. Earl Stocks
Chief of Staff

Sgt Major Tony Townsend


Nathan Stark
Lead Teamster
[email protected]

Medical Corp

Major Bert Blackmon
[email protected]