1st Division
Southern Re-enactors

Heading 1

1ST Division of Southern Reenactors Assoc, Inc.
Division Insurance:
The 1ST Division has obtained Commercial General Liability coverage insurance.
The policy provides the following coverage.
General Aggregate Limit (Other Than Products – Completed Operations)                          $  1,000,000.00
Products – Completed Operations Aggregate Limit                                                                           $  1,000,000.00
Personal and Advertising Injury Limit                                                                                                          $  1,000,000.00                      Any One Person or Organization
Each Occurrence Limit                                                                                                                                          $  1,000,000.00
Damage to Premises rented to You Limit                                                                                                  $     300,000.00   
Any One Premises             
Medical Expense Limit                                                                                                                                           $         5,000.00
Any One Person / Including Mounted Cavalry
If a member Unit would like to use 1ST Division insurance in supporting a Host and/or Sponsor an event, the following information is required:
                Name of the Host and/or Sponsor organization:
                Date/Place of Event:
An additional charge is applied per event. The event is approved and amount charged is set by the Insurance Company.
For information: Contact Earl Stocks – 615-456-5161 or e-mail [email protected]