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The 1st Division/Southern Re-enactors Association is pleased to announce the following national event, ​Mississippi stands an event that will feature some of the Historic Battles for the control of Mississippi.
These Battles will take place on nearly 2000 acres of historic battlefield located in Baldwyn, Mississippi.
The event date is set for ​February ​22 thru ​25, ​2018
The 1st Division welcomes all re-enactors and organizations to attend this historic event.

​U.S. Commander ​Gen. ​Terry Crowder                     ​C. S. Commander ​Gen. Duane Hamby
Battles: Iuka, Corinth, Harrisburg and Straight’s Cavalry Raid on Ripley.
Both campaign and spectator battles for all branches.
Camps: There will be mainstream, campaign and civilian camps for everyone.
For more information and updates visit us at or see us on Facebook.  
Thank you for your consideration in preserving a part of our American history.

The 1st Division staff and leadership would like to give a big thank you to everyone who attended the Mississippi Stands event. We thank you for your hard work and your dedication along with the helpful and positive attitudes displayed by everyone there. 

We would like personally thank General Terry Crowder of the Federal Command for his continued friendship and leadership in making this event a success.

We would like to thank Robert Orrand and Ms. Terre Biederman for their hard work in setting up and coordinating the Blue Gray civilian town.

A big thank you to Jeff Gafford and Gary Waters for providing security for the event and everybody’s favorite Mayor, Dale Fortenberry for his help.

A very special thank you To Ms. Edwina Carpenter, Mr. Billy Francis and the Brice’s Crossroads Battlefield for their help and support, and for also granting us permission to use this hollowed ground.
​ Everyone of you should be very proud of your efforts in making this a successful event and one to remember. 

The 1st Division staff and leadership are very proud to have had the opportunity to work and serve with each and everyone of you, as we move forward into the future we will look forward to having this opportunity again.
Forward the colors. 

Thank You.
1st Division Staff and Leadership.