1st Division
Southern Re-enactors

Heading 1

1ST  Division 2018 Units
Branch / Unit / Name
Infantry / 28th AL Co. C

Infantry/ 31st AL Co. F
Infantry / 38th TN
Infantry / 38th TN / Civilian
Infantry / Independent
Infantry / Gulf Coast Battalion
Infantry / 24th MS Co. A
Infantry / 24th MS Co. A  Civilian

Infantry / 15th MS Vol Co. F
Infantry / 19th TN Co. C
Artillery / Selden's Battery
Artillery / Selden's Bat Civilian
Artillery / Douglas' Texas Battery
Artillery / Capt. Croft's Battery L
Artillery / Texas Dixie Grays
Artillery/1st Texas Light Battery K
Artillery / 1st Ark LT Artillery
Artillery / Washington 3rd Co.
Artillery / Key's Battery
Artillery / Key's Battery   Civilian

Artillery / Neeley's Roughnecks
Artillery / Collins Battery B
Artillery / Collins Battery C
Branch / Unit / Name
Artillery / 10th MO
Artillery / Washington 4th Co.
Artillery / Washington 4th Co. Civ.
Artillery / Wiggins Battery
Artillery / 1st TX Light Batt. A, B, 4th, H
Artillery / 1st TX Light Batt. Civilian
Artillery / Lamar's 9th Texas Conf.
Artillery / Joyce's Battery Fed.
Cavalry / 10th MO  Fed.
Cavalry / 3rd TN Co. C
Cavalry / 1st Al Co.
Cavalry / 15th Confederate Cavalry
Cavalry / 3rd TN Co. D  Dismounted
Cavalry / 2rd LA Co. E. Dismounted
Cavalry / 15th Confederate
Cavalry / 15th Texas Co. E
Cavalry / 15th Texas Co. E Civilian
Wagon Corps / Teamsters
Portrayal of Gen. Ulysses Grant
Dr. Curt Fields, Jr.
Jacks Powder  (Angelo Piazza)

If your Unit is not listed, please contact the Division at [email protected]